of Sara and Mathias

We only use top-quality products and fresh preparation is very important to us. That is why we use products from, among other things, our herb garden and our organic vegetable garden, and we source pork, beef and lamb from local farmers.

You can also enjoy home-made fruit juices. Wine lovers will appreciate the wine cellar's assortment of around 200 wines, or they can get excited about our 'Solaris' white wine, which grows behind the house at 1,170 metres above sea level.

Two chefs

two a la carte menus

by Sara



Veal head, red onion, vinaigrette 13.00

Pancetta, “roascht”, chanterelles in oil 13.00


First course

Potato gnocchi (Wolkenhof, Anterivo) and buckwheat, sautéed with venison ragout 14.00

Beetroot dumplings, on cheese fondue 14.00

Liver dumplings in meat soup 13.00


Main course

Beef meatballs (Mooshof, Anterivo), wholegrain polenta from Termeno (Römerhof), chanterelle, vegetables from our garden 24.00

“Herrengröstel” served with cabbage, speck 20.00


Cheeses with homemade mustards 15,00

Graukäse ( Valle Aurina ) with red onion and black bread 9,00



Dolce Angelica 7,50

Ricotta gnocchi on apricot 10.00

Variation of Anterivo coffee  9,50

by Mathias



Venison carpaccio, “anzuboshi” apricots, walnuts, yarrow, wild thyme, brioche bread 18.00

Marinated trout (Troticulture Armanini, Storo), juice of green apple and herbs, fir, crunchy polenta 17.00


First course

Udon with wild garlic cooked in char stock, fermented cabbage18.00

Risotto (Acquerello, Tenuta Colombara) creamed with larch needles, liver and kidney sausage, porcini mushroom sauce 18.00


Main course

Salmerino fish fillet (Rio Plaocesa, Val di Sole), spinach, elderberry, fir oil 27.00

Beef brisket (Mooshof, Anterivo), sauce with chamomile, wild herbs espuma, turnips from the garden 30.00



Goat ricotta ice cream, crumble, fruit and vegetables, dill, lemon verbena 11.00